Montana Summer

Welcome to MTRheumatology, the Rheumatology practice of Dr. Robert McNutt, MD in Helena, Montana. This office specializes in the area of medicine that deals with a variety medical problems that can be loosely defined as “arthritis and related disorders”.  Fortunately, this internal medicine specialty has many avenues available to diagnose and successfully treat the wide range of ways our bodies can be affected by these problems. This includes the newest and very exciting use of musculoskeletal ultrasound technology where destructive changes in joints can be identified much earlier than with x-ray so treatment can be adjusted for the degree of arthritis present. This technology also allows needle guidance so injections can be delivered very accurately.

At MTRheumatology, we work to provide these services with less rush and to appreciate the story that each patient brings so that the understanding of the person, the disease (or dis-ease) that affects them and the treatments we have available can come together for a satisfactory resolution. Though disease is not comfortable, the approach to finding help should be comforting and it is my intention that you find that in this office.

Excellent arthritis care right here in Helena, the queen city of big and beautiful Montana.